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Southern Rodmakers is an annual gathering of bamboo fly rod makers. Over 300 craftsmen from 39 states have gathered on the White river near Cotter Arkansas since 1998. If you're interested in making bamboo fly rods, join us at the gathering in October, or follow the links below to join the on-line gathering of bamboo rod makers. "The List" is a great place to start. The list is an old school e-mail server with hundreds of members around the world.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Cranor's White River Resort

SRG 2018 will be at Cranor's White River Resort this year.  It's the same location as in the past, but the property has been rebuilt and cabins six and seven have been renovated.  I visited Cranor's last week and took a few pictures.  It's a very nice lodge.  We will have access to a large hospitality room with commercial kitchen facilities and a fireplace.  There's a covered patio extending from the hospitality room out toward the river with an outdoor fireplace.

Denis Dunderdale and David Atchison are still working out the details for the tent and casting yard.  Since the new owners purchased the home next door on the upstream side, we have access to a long grassy area along the river that we may be able to use as the casting yard.  If not it will be across the road like last year.

Cabins six and seven and two of the five lodge rooms are spoken for.  We need someone to take the other three lodge rooms as of this posting on August 29th.  Contact Denis Dunderdale or me, David Bolin, if you're interested.  They are very nice rooms with two beds in each room.  Rates are on the Cranor's web site.

Here's a few pictures taken last weekend.  See the web site for more pictures.