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Southern Rodmakers is an annual gathering of bamboo fly rod makers. Over 300 craftsmen from 39 states have gathered on the White river near Cotter Arkansas since 1998. If you're interested in making bamboo fly rods, join us at the gathering in October, or follow the links below to join the on-line gathering of bamboo rod makers. "The List" is a great place to start. The list is an old school e-mail server with hundreds of members around the world.

The New Rodmakers List

The old rodmakers list server crashed in the summer of 2018. All membership records were lost. A new rodmakers list is up and running. If you were previously a member of the list you will have to resubscribe at the new web site. Here's a link to the new site:


Thursday, October 9, 2014

2014 Gathering General Infomation

Here's a few items that might be of interest to our new attendees, or anyone else that can't remember where they were this time last year.  Contact me if you have questions.

Most importantly, we may appear to be organized, but we're still just a gathering of bamboo rodmakers.  This is a 100% volunteer event.  No one is paid to organize the gathering or do presentations.  We will have signup sheets at registration to volunteer to help out with meals and trash.  Paul Craig organizes the meals.  He needs lots of help setting up and cleaning up for each meal.  Trash goes in the trash bags.  If a trash bag is full, take it to the trash collection site at the lodge and put out a new bag.  You don't have to sign up to help.  If it needs to be done, just do it.

SRG is not a vendor event.  Vendors are always welcome as attendees, but the schedule is dedicated to making bamboo fly rods.  There is time on the schedule for a sell and swap Saturday afternoon.

Presenters are always needed.  Bill Armon organizes the schedule.  Let Bill know if you're interested in doing a presentation next year.

The organizers are all volunteers.  Denis Dunderdale - chairman, Paul Craig - chairman, Bill Armon - schedule, Scott Grady - printing, Scott Bearden - silent auction, David Atchison - facilities, Marv Loopstra - Taper Quest, David Bolin - Registration.  Let one of us know if you would like to help organize the event next year.

There's plenty of time for visiting on the casting lawn.  We will have chairs under the tent.  Bring lawn chairs if you want to sit out on the lawn.

Thursday night after dinner is the traditional first rod presentation.  Bring your first rod and share your story with the group.

The weather is looking good this year.  But that could change.  Bring warm rain gear just in case.  Our tents are just enough to keep you out of the rain, but not necessarily dry.

Bottled water will be provided with meals.  If you want something else, you'll need to bring it with you.

Cell service at the lodge is limited or none at all at times.  You may have to drive a couple miles to make a call.

I'll be at the lodge Thursday afternoon to do registration.  There's not much to that.  Just pick up your name tag, hat pin, and handouts.  Marv Loopstra and Scott Grady have prepared a Taper Quest book for everyone this year.  We will have the books at registration.  They may not be available until Friday morning depending on when Scott gets to town Thursday.

Parking can be a challenge at Fulton's.  The lodge is in a residential area on the White river.  Everyone needs to park on lodge property.  It’s not cool to block a neighbor’s driveway or park half in the road and half in a neighbor's yard.  There will be parking around the lodge, across the street in a vacant lot, and on the river bank behind the lodge.

Remember to bring rod making or fishing related items for the silent auction.  Auction proceeds are not used to pay SRG expenses.  The $60 registration fee covers our expenses (food, lodge, tents, tables, chairs, hat pins, supplies, and a porta potty).  The auction proceeds are reserved for donations.  We've donated to youth fly fishing clubs, stream improvement projects, and wounded warrior programs in the past.  Your auction items will be put to good use.

I think that about covers it.  Everyone should already have my cell number if you need to give us a call.  I'm not going to post it here on the blog.  Contact me if you don't have it.