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Southern Rodmakers is an annual gathering of bamboo fly rod makers. Over 300 craftsmen from 39 states have gathered on the White river near Cotter Arkansas since 1998. If you're interested in making bamboo fly rods, join us at the gathering in October, or follow the links below to join the on-line gathering of bamboo rod makers. "The List" is a great place to start. The list is an old school e-mail server with hundreds of members around the world.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Taper Quest 2016

Here's a note for Craig Olmstead regarding Taper Quest 2016.  Send me a note here if you want to contact Craig.  I'll send you his contact info.

SRG Attendees,

TaperQuest will return again in 2016 with a new format we haven’t tried before.    The project will include a competition for best casting rod.  While we are introducing a rod building contest for the first time, the underlying theme is the same as the Southern Rodbuilders Gathering, fun and education.  We are hoping that the introduction of the contest will increase the level of both the fun and educational value of TaperQuest.

Please remember that the purpose of TaperQuest is to explore new rods that many of us haven’t seen before and not to revisit the same rods that show up every year.  Let’s not end up with 20 rods from builders whose names begin with D or PY.  This is the time to try something new.  There is a long list of choices attached to help you find something to build.

Also remember that TaperQuest is about sharing rod tapers with the rest of the SRG attendees.  To enter the contest, just send me the taper of the rod you are going to build so we can put it into the booklet.

We hope you will join us for another journey into a whole new world of rods and tapers.  See you all in October and we hope you will bring an entry for TaperQuest 2016.

Craig Olmstead


See the updated post for the list of attachments.