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Monday, September 29, 2014

SRG 2014 Bellinger Group Order

We've bumped this post back to the top.  The deadline is October 14th!

Chet Croco will be joining us again this year.  Chet is the owner of Genuine Bellinger.  He has offered to put together a Bellinger group order for the 2014 gathering.  Andy Royer did something similar for the gathering with a bamboo group order a couple years ago.  The following note is from Chet.  I'll let him explain the group order.  It should be noted that all Bellinger transactions are between you and Chet.  SRG is not facilitating the transactions.  We are very grateful to Chet for his generosity and support for SRG.

The Bellinger PDF order form can be downloaded here.  If you have trouble opening the form, contact me here and I'll e-mail it to you.  Here's the note from Chet:

Hello fellow SRG Attendees,

I am really looking forward to heading to Arkansas this fall to attend the Southern Rodmakers Gathering. It is such a great opportunity to catch-up with friends, hear some great stories, learn some things about bamboo rodmaking and check out some deals on bamboo rodmaking components and stuff.

As is the custom, I typically bring a selection of reel seats to the gathering for attendees to purchase at a discount.  Sometimes I get it right and sometimes I dont.  This year I would like to do something different. This year I would like to give each SRG attendee the opportunity to
order Bellinger reel seats, at a 20% discount, in advance of the gathering.

This is how it works. Using the attached order form, indicate the number of full reel seats (wood and hardware) or nickel silver hardware only sets that you want, tally it up, make a copy and then either send by mail, email, text an image or phone in your choices to Alice in our office before OCTOBER 14 – contact information is listed below. I will then personally, hand deliver your order to you at the gathering where we will settle up.  Please bring cash, check or for a slight processing charge I will accept PayPal & credit cards.

Bellinger, Inc.             Call: 541.926.8266      Text: 541.905.0130
PO Box 2224              email: inforequest@genuinebellinger.com
Lebanon, OR 97355

Take advantage of this opportunity and let me bring to you what it is you want with the benefit of your 20% SRG discount and free shipping. These wont be the only reelseats I bring but at least you are assured that you will get what you want. If you already qualify for our rodmakers discount we will charge your usual price. If you want more information on our products go to www.genuinebellinger.com. If you see something you want me to bring that is not on the attached order form, let us know and we will do everything we can to bring it to you. 

Until then, all the best from the west,

Chet Croco